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Vitty Water Project

This village is located in Vittey, Okhaldhunga district which is very remote area with no road access. After the 2015 earth quake the natural spring where locals collected water had been affected, the water was coming out of the ground now at the base of the moutain. The people had to climb down to the water source wait to collect enough and then haul it up over 1200 meters of elevation.

This project established a collection tank where the spring is located, tank fills slowly and when the water level is sufficient to pump a sensor turns the pump on which lifts the water to a central dispensing area within the village.

The system is based around a direct drive DC PV specialty pump with grounding, surge protection and lightning strike protection added by Peak Power.

- 5.5 HP ksb submersible pump
- 10 hp direct drive pump controller
- 7.7 kW DC coupled PV

- 1800 meters of pipeline
- 8000 ltr collection tank
- serves 20 house holds

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