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: Project Experience :

Sky Light Office 

Our first project with Sky Light Pvt Ltd, the outcome they were looking for was to solve the power quality and disruption problems they faced daily, whilst maximising the run-time of their renewable energy system.

Peak Power broke this work in phases, on the first phase we installed a new PV array with Victron power components but maintained the old battery bank based around 12v cells, this provided more energy and inverter capacity as well a remote administration capability and observability of the electrical conditions. It kept the cost manageable as battery storage is 60% of the cost of a system. We provided training on battery care to squeeze the last life out of the 12v battery bank.

Once the batteries grew tired, Sky Light kicked off the second phase and installed a much better battery bank based around deep cycle 2-volt cells which improved reliability and increased autonomous runtime for their busy office. Sky Light has a lot of people working in their office, and a sophisticated digital workflow which relies on reliable power, network and IT equipment, small interruptions disrupt productivity and delay their projects.


We also worked with Sky Light on energy efficiency as a third phase, helping them consolidate with laptops, low power lighting, better wi-fi and moving their IT systems onto reliable and clean power. We also assisted with duel redundant internet connections to reduce downtime and boost productivity when the ISP's have outages which become more noticeable when the office remained online due to reliable power. All of these actions combined, although a significant investment, resulted in a much more reliable infrastructure to support their digital processes.

- 1 phase Victron Multi 5 KVA inverter
- 5 kW DC coupled PV

- 1500 AH of deep cycle battery storage

Multisys Office

The Multisys Office in downtown Kathmandu, the team here wanted to put in a hybrid PV system to remove the need to run generator and replace the many UPS systems they had that required battery changes every few months. We worked closely with this team to put in a bespoke PV shelter which doubled as a shaded structure to the roof area to be used by the staff.


- 1 phase sma sunny island system
- sma sunny boy ac coupled PV
- hybrid grid

Private Residence

This project for a private residence required 24/7 reliable power for around-the-clock medical care. The system we installed here was SMA AC coupled/grid-connected with deep cycle battery storage.

Although a significant investment the system provided peace of mind and total energy independence, no generator or grid required, silent and problem free running.

- 1 phase sma sunny island system
- sma sunny boy ac coupled PV
- hybrid grid

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