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: Large Project Experience :

UN Headquarters Kathmandu

This project was a partnership between GSOL Energy, the UN and Peak Power. Peak Power managed the in-country logistics, local fabrication and installation with GSOL handling the supply, commissioning, training and handover of the containerised system.

This PV system featured extensive bespoke building integrated PV to provide “solar-shelters” on the building roof top area as well as solar car park shade structures. The solar car park shade structures were built with oversized footings to guard against damage from the UNs large fleet of SUVs and 4WD vehicles and is the largest solar car park shade structure in Nepal.

The containerised power system was shipped by GSOL from Europe, Peak Power dropped this into place at the site with crane and hooked up the inputs, outputs and Solar PV runs once all the structural work had completed. The containerised power system is tightly-integrated with the on-site diesel generator/s and provides energy to a protected load distribution network which services multiple UN buildings within the compound. 

The containerised power system enabled the UN to reduce fuel consumption and emissions due to heavy diesel genset usage and to reduce AC source switching burdens on UPS due to the frequent small load shedding outages that plague the site.

We had a good time working with GSOL and the UN on this project, it is a unique solar install in the heart of Kathmandu.

- SMA multi-cluster system
- 125kw of AC coupled solar PV
- 80 kWhr of bmz lithium battery storage
- diesel / grid hybrid

UNICEF Headquarters Kathmandu

This project was a partnership between Aptech Africa, UNICEF and Peak Power- with Peak Power managing the in-country logistics, local fabrication and installation with Aptech supplying, commissioning, training and performing handover of the system.

This PV installation featured bespoke building integrated PV to provide coverings for the new UNICEF building roof top which is used by UNICEF staff for lunch and events.

The power system is integrated with the on-site diesel generator and provides energy to protected loads within the UNICEF building, this powers isolated loads such a lighting, security systems and IT and communication systems for much longer periods than UPS’s reducing demand on diesel and improving reliability from constant AC source switching.

- 3 phase ESS Storion hybrid system
- 150kW AC coupled PV 

- 6000 AH of deep cycle battery storage.


A printing and packaging industry in Kathmandu was running extensively from Diesel Generators and was looking for a way to reduce costs and boost power reliability.

This power system enabled the factory to run during the day from AC Coupled PV, this illuminated interruptions to productivity from constant AC source change-overs, reduced wear and runtime of diesel gensets and lowered grid consumption overall.

Interestingly this was the first SMA Multicluster 36 based system in Nepal.

- SMA multicluster 36 system
- 175 kW AC coupled PV

- 6000 AH of deep cycle battery storage.

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