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Our Services

Peak Power Pvt. Ltd. is a full electrical service integrator not only offering renewable energy solutions but many home and commercial electrical services as well as low voltage installations. Below is a list of specific services we offer we can also bundle these into a comprehensive offering for your particular situation.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

We will conduct full visual checks and electrical tests on your electrical system with specialist testers from Australia. We start with the utility connection, switchboards, grounding, wiring, lights and sockets. We produce a comprehensive report that has photos and provides comparison to the Australian electrical code with recommendations and cost estimates for getting things remediated.

Surge Protection

We will assess your site conditions and provide the best practice design for fitting surge protection devices (SPDs) to your service to protect your equipment and electrical system from lightning strike or transients.

This service may require a grounding installation as SPDs rely on good quality earthing for correct and safe functioning.

Full Rewire

A full re-wire involved replacement of the panel, breakers. rewiring and termination inside the panel, remediation of grounding and utility connection, as well as the rewiring the distribution network all carried out to as close to Australian code as possible.


Diesel generator installation with interconnection with distribution system. We specialise in generator integration with solar systems either in auto-start/stop mode or in manual mode.

Alarm Systems

We offer design and installation of wired or wireless security alarm systems from basic models with a few sensors to a fully cloud integrated system with intercom, CCTV, sensors and remote monitoring and remote control.

Intercom Systems

We offer design and installation of intercom systems for single premises or multi-premises dwellings.

​CCTV and Surveillance

We offer design and installation of wired or wireless CCTV systems from basic models with a few cameras to a fully cloud integrated system with PTZ cameras, intercom, remote monitoring and remote control.


Earthing and grounding systems are often neglected and will cause unsafe or lethal conditions. This service is focused just on designing new earthing or remediating an existing earthing to get it into a safe functional condition to Australian code requirements. We use specialist testers to measure the soil resistivity, we can then excavate the earth pits, treat the soil and install the earthing electrodes, we use specialist tools for bonding copper rods, tape and plates exothermically or with long lasting quality compression fittings.

Panel Rewiring

The electrical “hub” of any home or business is the switchboard or panel. We will do an assessment and full change of the box itself with new breakers and tidy up the existing wiring as best as possible. This will ensure that breakers are correctly sized to the conductor for safe use, wiring is tidy and terminated correctly. You may also add grounding and SPD installation.


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installations with load segmentation for your critical load and testing, this may also require grounding, SPDs and some amount of rewiring work depending on the existing site conditions.

IT Networking

We can design, install, test any type of structured cabling along with switching, routing and wireless infrastructure for your home or business.

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer design and install of fire alarm and alerting system, from simple in home units to complex commercial "zone" type systems with remote monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Automatic Gates

External or internal gates that swing or slide can be automated with gate operators, we can work with you to design a new gate or fit to existing gate. Gates can be controlled via wireless or wired controllers and integrated with alarm or CCTV systems for your safety and convenience.

EV chargers

We can source and install electric vehicle chargers for your specific needs, we also offer advanced integration of EV chargers with SMA or Victron PV Systems with energy diversion capabilities.

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